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Log in process


Enter your User ID and password and click ?Enter? to the right of the password field. If the login is successful, the internal home page will appear.

If not, please note down the error message.

NOTE: Your User ID is not case-sensitive.

N.B. Your user account will be blocked if you enter an incorrect password three times in a row. To remove the block on your account you must request a temporary password. See ?Forgot your password? for more details.

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Forgot your password

You can request a temporary password if you have forgotten your password or your user account has been blocked. Click ?Enter? to the right of ?Forgot your password?.

Enter your User ID and press ?Submit?. If the system can validate the User ID it will automatically send you a temporary password to the e-mail address saved for it.

You can then log on directly with your User ID and the temporary password. You must then change the password.

For help changing your password see Using ECWS > Authentication > Change password.

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Password change required

For security reasons you must change your password every 120 days. If the last password change was more than 120 days ago you will be automatically reminded to change it.

The same applies to temporary passwords. If you have requested a temporary password under ?Forgot your password? you will be asked to change it the next time you log in.

For help on changing your password see Using ECWS > Authentication > Change password.

Software Version 1.4.0_P