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Registration steps


The Preamble contains important information about the ECWS target group, data protection and confidentiality. Please read the Preamble carefully. By clicking ?I accept ? continue? you confirm that you have read and accepted it.

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Step 1: Personal data

Enter your personal details here, including how you can be contacted during the day. Please note that your registration will be deleted if the ECWS administrator cannot get in touch with you by e-mail.

Preferred language of user interface: ECWS is currently available in English only. Other languages will follow.

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Step 2: Reason why you need access

Enter the reasons why you need access to ECWS.

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Step 3: User ID/Password

Enter your desired User ID and password here.

User ID

Enter four characters (letters or numbers) of your choice. Your entry is not case-sensitive. Your final User ID will be made up of the characters you chose and a four-digit system-generated part.


Enter the password you want to use and confirm it again. The Password policy contains rules for passwords. For more information click ?Password policy?.

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Step 4: Check and submit

This screen shows a summary of your details. Check them thoroughly and change if necessary by clicking ?Modify?. This will take you through all steps once again, automatically including the details you previously entered.

To finalise registration, click ?Submit?. Your registration will be sent and processed in a few days. You will be informed by e-mail as soon as it is accepted. The e-mail contains your final User ID. Note down your password to log in at a later time.

Software Version 1.4.0_P